(9) Wine Card Selection

White Wines

(A) Waipapa Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) £18.50 bottle | £7.50 glass (delicious with shellfish, chicken, grilled vegetable dishes and with fresh green salads)
(B) Scenic Ridge Chardonnay (Australia) £19.60 bottle I £6.50 glass (ideal for roast chicken, creamy pasta dishes & roast vegetable dishes)
(C) Scenic Ridge Pinot Grigio (Italy) £16.90 bottle I £5.50 glass (served with seafood, chicken salads and tastes delicious with creamy pasta dishes)

Rose Wines:

(D) Previata Pinot Grigio blush (Italy) £16.50 bottle I £6.50 glass (excellent with appetisers, soups, fish and delicious with white meat dishes)

(E) Highbridge White Zinfandel (California) £15.90 bottle I £6.00 glass (served chilled on its own or with chicken, pork, ideal with salads or soft creamy cheeses)


(F) Vino Spumante Prosecco (Italy) £19 bottle I £5.00 glass (enjoy chilled on its own or with olives & cold meats)

Red Wines:

(G) Secretary Bird Merlot (South Africa) £15.90 bottle I £6.00 glass (delicious with roasted red meats or a cheeseboard)
(H) Los Picos Distantes Malbec (Argentina) £15.90 bottle I £6.00 glass (great for medium to rare steak or pasta dishes)
(I) Don Pavral Rioja (Spain) £18.90 bottle I £7.50 glass (lamb dishes/Tapas/hot spicy dishes/cheese boards)
(K) Cellier D’Or Cote du Rhone (France) £16.90 bottle I £6.50 glass (ideal for red meat, game & strong tasting cheeses)